Covid 19

Covid 19

At Dental Vallès we have enabled this page to communicate the protocol that we are carrying out on the occasion of the Coronavirus.

Dental Vallès Covid19 protocol

A message of tranquility for our patients:


Motivated by Covid19, we attach the health security protocol that we have implemented / expanded in our dental clinic. Your visit to Dental Vallès will be as safe or more than ever. Please read it carefully.

Patient protocol:

Before coming to the clinic:
Before coming to the clinic it is essential that you make an appointment.

We recommend removing bracelets, rings, earrings, … before coming to the consultation (the virus remains on metal surfaces for 2-3 days).

You have to come with your mask on from home.

Preferably you have to come alone (except if you are a minor or a person in need of help).

Our professionals will not be able to greet you as they would like for the Covid19. Maintain the safe distance of 2 meters.

They are not necessary, we offer you hand sanitizer with a hydroalcoholic gel.

Please use the hand sanitizer on arrival and departure from the dental clinic.

Access to the clinic:
You will be given disposable shoe covers at the entrance.

Safety distance:
Follow the safety distance signs on the reception floor (1.5 meters to the counter).

The reception staff will welcome you with a surgical mask and will find a protective methacrylate partition.

The patient’s temperature will be taken upon arrival at the clinic.

Waiting room:
Currently because of the Covid19, the waiting room seats have been reduced to ensure a separation of 2 meters between them.

Press and magazines:
They have been temporarily withdrawn by health recommendation.

Special room:
You have at your disposal a room reserved only for you if you are within the high-risk public (older people, people recovering from accidents or operations, people with chronic illness, caregivers and caregivers, pregnant women, minors, etc.)

Service room:
Our toilets are fitted with taps, soap dispensers and automatic hand dryers (activated by putting your hands underneath). Furthermore, our service rooms are ventilated every hour.

Clinical area:
Access to the clinical area (boxes, sterilization room, …) is limited only for patients for health reasons.

Preferably pay payments by bank card.

Dental clinic protocol:

Following the protocol that the Ministry of Health has established, we inform you of the most relevant measures for the patient that we have established in our dental clinic.

All Dental Vallès professionals are equipped with EPIR (Reinforced Individual Protection Equipment), depending on the position or treatment to be performed.

Before and after each visit, a thorough cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, areas of contact with the patient (armrests, headrest), spittoon, instrument tray, equipment lamp handle, chair actuation buttons, aspiration system are carried out. , etc.

The material is disinfected and sterilized according to standard procedures in the clinic, using a hermetic autoclave (steam 134 ° C) and then heat-sealed separately.


Clinical areas:
At each visit, all work surfaces, the dental chair, the equipment lamp, the spittoon area are cleaned and disinfected (the disinfectant is allowed to act 2-3 minutes before unloading the spittoon), the suction system , all the furniture, clinic switches, computer screen and keyboard, door knobs and windows, as well as mopping the floor with bleach.

Common zones:
All common areas are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected continuously.
No vacuum cleaner or broom is used, instead a disinfectant-impregnated mop is used to prevent the dispersion of particles in the air.
All door and window knobs, railings, tables, armrests for chairs and armchairs, switches, etc. are cleaned and disinfected.

Reception area:
The work table, the protective screen, the computer screen and keyboard, the telephone, the printer and the dataphone are continuously cleaned and disinfected.

Special services during Covid19

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