Dental Aesthetics

Dental Aesthetics
Dental aesthetics
Return the white to your teeth with our teeth whitening or correct their shape thanks to veneers


Teeth Whitening

The colour of a tooth is determined, from birth, the hue of the core of the tooth (dentin) and transparency and refractive power light enamel.

The colour of the core is unchanged, however, eventually will enamel staining based colouring substances such as snuff, lipstick, coffee, tea, tomato, etc.

Consequently, tooth whitening is to remove enamel, through chemicals, all those particles that alter their original colour.


Zirconium prostheses

There are basically two forms of prosthetic rehabilitation on implants: The fixed prostheses in zirconium metal or porcelain, which provides the highest level of aesthetics, comfort and function and the removable prosthesis (removable) made of resin and represents a cheaper to be a less sophisticated treatment option (without teeth) and they need more maintenance.

These waxes are included in special high temperature resistant coatings, and proceeds to metal casting with different alloys. After the ceramic on metal structures, depending on the type of prosthesis set to perform, and there is also the possibility of crowns and bridges in pure porcelain (without metal) or on a base of white material called alumina or zirconium is mounted in the latter case the innovative CAD-CAM technology is used.


Composite Veneers

They are thin sheets of porcelain, about 0.3-1 mm. thick, which are placed covering the entire front surface of the teeth. They bind strongly to tooth using a special adhesive.

The bond is so strong that once placed can not be removed unless the veneer is broken. Are mainly used to mask anomalies colour of teeth they can not be treated by the conventional bleaching. They are also used to cover alterations in the size or tooth form, giving the tooth a perfect appearance.

Its main advantages are its bond strength, abrasion resistance and high aesthetic feeling. In fact, there is no need to reduce the tooth to place. Once cemented, the patient can eat normally. Many personalities from public life and the media make use of this technique to achieve a more attractive smile.


Contour the shape of the teeth 

It is a technique that improves the aesthetics of the mouth. The teeth are sculpted, reformed and sanded at certain points to get a perfect harmony. It is a aesthetics dentistry treatment that consists of removing or correcting the outer layer of the tooth, which is known as dental enamel, in order to modify the length, shape and surface of each dental piece.

Small amounts are often eliminated, depending on each case, sometimes pieces almost millimeter, but ensemble will greatly improve the overall appearance of the teeth. This technique is also used to eliminate dental imperfections or other overlaps, sometimes due to the accumulation of bacterial plaque, thereby reducing the risk of tooth decay or other diseases.



It is a technique that consists of a filling with hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin to soften the wrinkles of the contour and add volume to the lips. It is an aesthetic treatment with hyaluronic acid to beautify the smile. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is present in the dermis naturally and constitutes an important component of the structure of the skin. Thanks to its moisturizing and volumizing effects, Surgiderm® allows you to shape, soften the wrinkles of the perioral contour and add volume to the lips, all to complement the aesthetics treatments performed in the clinic.

With this treatment you get immediate and lasting aesthetic results, as well as a natural look and feel. The effects last between 9 and 12 months in the treatment of wrinkles.