Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry
Pediatric Dentistry
Leave the oral health of the little ones in our hands and remember that you should take care of your smile since infancy

An early visit to the orthodontist allows you to detect, correct and prevent problems and position of the teeth, as well as ensuring the proper development of the teeth.

The Spanish Association of Orthodontics is recommended to make the first visit to the orthodontist before seven years of age already this way:

  • We encourage proper growth and development of the mandible
  • Fix habits suction or swallowing
  • We create space for teeth that have yet to grow
  • We simplify or even avoid orthodontic treatment
  • We leave more space for the permanent teeth
  • We reduce or eliminate respiratory or speech problems
  • We improve the compression of the upper jaw providing expansion and a correct relationship between the maxilla and the jaw
  • We reduce the risk of trauma of the prominent teeth

In Dental Vallès, we carry out a conventional but adapted to children orthodontics since they can choose brackets colors. Choose your favorite and look your funniest smile!