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Periodontitis: illness

Periodontitis is the advanced stage of gingivitis, periodontal disease. Periodontal diseases are those that affect the tissues surrounding the teeth (periodontal) and are inflammatory and infectious nature, caused by bacteria.

During the development of periodontitis, the gums supporting the teeth coming in the more advanced stages, loss of these declines. For this reason it is very important to detect in its early states.

– Bad breath
– Red gums
– Swollen gums
– Tooth mobility
– Teeth that appear longer, receding gums

Periodontics: treatment

The basic treatment (where the bone is not too concerned ) is the thorough cleaning of the gums, teeth and under the gums dental area with ultrasound machines and polishers. All this is aimed at removing the plaque causing the problem and stop its advance. The mouth is divided into 4 quadrants and one question per session.

Regenerative treatment ( when the patient experiences a significant loss of bone), before any restorative treatment is necessary to replenish the lost through biomaterials structures.

This means that you first have to do surgery to return to an oral condition with all components and then proceed to make the basic treatment.

In both cases the dentist may administer some type of antibiotic, which help fight bacteria faster plate.

A few days after periodontics , it will be seen how the gums back to their natural state, desinflaman and stick to the teeth, again creating that barrier against bacteria.


Once treatment is completed, it is necessary to maintain a good state to prevent oral plaque. This is mandatory to properly brush your teeth after meals, using dental and fluor.Además thread is highly recommended done one professional oral hygiene at least once a year to check that there is no anomaly.